Use services of the European Digital Innovation HUB for Liberec and Hradec Kralove regions

The European Commission has launched the Digital Europe programme for the period 2021-2027, based on a network of European Digital Innovation Hubs. EDIHs are linked to advanced digital knowledge in the region (research centres, universities, etc.) and in Europe (partner hubs). They provide a public service, transferring digital know-how to small and medium enterprices (SMEs) and public organisations.

Our EDIH NEB provides services to small, medium-sized companies (up to 499 employees) and public organisations primarily from the Liberec and Hradec Kralove regions. You will find here in one place all consulting, testing and implementation of digital technologies, services and training on the topic of digitalization or assistance with grant management. We offer support and advice from experts in digitalisation and subsidy management from the members of the EDIH NEB consortium – Technical University of Liberec (CXI), VUTS, University of Hradec Kralove, Aricoma, National Cluster Association, Regional Development Agency and Centre for Investment, Development and Innovation.

To attract the best. We bring together top research centres, universities, development organisations and the umbrella association of Czech clusters. We have an outreach to neighbouring regions.

To offer a wide range of services. You choose depending on how advanced you are. From audit to hi-tech to grants management. All under one roof.

To connect and educate. We offer educational events, networking, matchmaking or business incubation. We believe in the power of sharing our knowledge.

To build on real foundations. You can already find a range of digitisation services from our partners. At the Digital Innovation Hub, we put them together into a comprehensive portfolio for your company or organisation.

Digital technologies will increase your competitiveness. They will find applications across your company or organisation. It will streamline processes, improve products or services. We will provide you with a complete service in all phases of digitalisation from idea to results. We identify the possibilities, design a solution and test it.

For companies and public organisations that want to solve current challenges by implementing digital technologies. Regardless of their digitalisation skills.

We recognise the power of education, whether in a broader context or in the context of modern digital technologies. We organise educational events themed around digital skills from the basic to the advanced.

For all actors in the innovation ecosystem, startups, companies, public sector organisations, academic and commercial research institutes.

We are developing an innovation ecosystem at regional, national and European level. We act as an active facilitator of connecting companies and public administration organizations that need new technological solutions on the one hand, with companies that have modern solutions ready for application in practice on the other.

For all actors of the innovation ecosystem, startups, companies, public administration organisations, academic and commercial research institutes.

We offer assistance with searching and processing grant calls for digitalisation of companies and organisations from regional, national and European sources.

For companies and public administration organisations that are determined to digitise, have ideas or concrete plans and are now looking for ways to cover part of the costs from public sources.

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The EDIH Northeast consortium consists mainly of entities from the Liberec and Hradec Kralove regions under the leadership of the Regional Development Agency, and we cooperate with partners in Germany and Poland. Together, we succeeded in the European Commission’s call for proposals and were given the confidence to build a European digital innovation hub in our regions.

U JEZU 525/4, 460 01 LIBEREC

The leader of the consortium provides expert support to residents, entrepreneurs and institutions of the Liberec Region. It focuses on grant management, development projects, support for science, research and innovation and other topics. An integral part of ARR is the Liberec business incubator, which supports the creation and development of innovative companies in the region. is part of the Ynovate network of professional innovation centres.

STUDENTSKÁ 1402/2, 460 01 LIBEREC 

The university offers modern facilities for research and development. It is at the global forefront of nanotechnology. It is strong in digital technologies. It has a department focused on AI, specifically speech recognition and synthesis, machine learning, neural networks and signal processing. It works on mixed reality, robotics, cybernetics and modeling of coupled processes.


A top research centre dedicated to the development of machinery and equipment for the manufacturing industry. The VÚTS domain is a comprehensive approach based on competences in a number of fields. In the context of digitalisation, this includes automation and robotisation of production processes for Industry 4.0, machine vision and learning, 2D and 3D scanning, reverse engineering, measurement of machine and equipment parameters, calculations, simulations, optimisation, additive manufacturing technologies 3D printing and more.

TECHNOLOGICKÁ 372/2, 708 00 OSTRAVA – Pustkovec 

Umbrella organisation for cluster organisations operating in the Czech Republic. It coordinates the cluster environment consisting of companies, research centres, universities and other entities of the innovation ecosystem. Through its member organisations it brings together hundreds of domestic companies. It specializes, among other things, in providing services in the field of cybersecurity, which it develops in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with the Central European metacluster CEDEG.

Voctářova 2500/20a, 180 00 Praha 8 Libeň

A leading provider of cyber security services since 1991. With years of experience in information security, AEC combines technology, process and human resources to deliver effective security solutions for its clients. The company’s overall expertise includes the knowledge and skills of security experts, ethical hackers, consultants and auditors.


The University plays the role of a scientific institution in the Hradec Kralove Region. It provides a wide range of educational opportunities and deals with a variety of scientific research projects. It promotes interdisciplinarity in research and develops international cooperation. It has a modern infrastructure for digitalisation. It offers a test before invest service and training focused on digital skills. It specialises in ICT, cyber security, data science, data analysis, modern IT applications, artificial intelligence, agent-based simulations, image correlation, computational tomography, geophysical measurement (magnetometry) and digitisation of archaeological documentation. It provides consultancy on SMART and IoT solutions and assists companies with business process innovation and advanced digital skills development.


The Development Agency of the Hradec Kralove Region supports small and medium-sized enterprises in seeking investments for the development of their business. It develops the regional innovation ecosystem, creates conditions for networking of its clients and other entities in the region.


Petr Dobrovský

Managing director, Consortium leader representative
+420 602 342 934 

Zdeňka Doležalová

EDIH manager 
+420 605 746 007 

Jiří Vojtěch

EDIH marketing manager 
+420 724 320 212 

Zdeněk Runštuk

Manager test before invest – private sector 
+420 602 614 559

Michaela Jakubičková

Manager for networking,
Manager test before inverst – public organisations
+420 725 098 463 

Marek Pšenička

Manager test before invest – public organisations
+420 607 571 371

Jana Geislerová

Financial manager
+420 737 701 826

Dagmar Prochásková

Grant management manager
+420 607 975 037
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