Digital technology for archaeologists

Digitisation of public organisations – Karlovy Vary Region

The main idea

With the support of the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) Northeast, to use a magnetometer to measure the Žírovický mound.

How we helped

The aim of the collaboration was to verify the presence of archaeological objects on a previously surveyed area using a special magnetometer measurement. The measurements were carried out as part of the Test Before Invest service under very favourable conditions for the client. The results of this measurement will subsequently help with the planning of new research in connection with the revitalization of the site.


The Centre for Field Archaeology at the Department of Archaeology at the Faculty of Arts, University of Hradec Králové (Mr. Rytíř and Mr. Hejhal), a partner of our consortium EDIH Northeast, in cooperation with the Museum of Cheb, p.o. (Mgr. Michal Beránek) carried out magnetometric measurements of the Žírovický mound, see photo below.

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