Looking for ways to streamline your processes and improve the quality of your products or services? Are you faced with a burning issue and want to deal with it using digital technologies, but don’t know who to turn to? We provide everything from ideas to results.

Test Before Invest is a process of several stages. You can either cover each one over time, or choose only the parts most relevant to you. Test Before Invest involves a digital audit and the application of digital technologies.

Digital audit

We will listen, ask questions, and check during the digital audit. We engage the experience and knowledge of our experts and generally applicable best practices. We evaluate the current situation and recommend how to move forward and point to the greatest opportunities and the biggest headaches. Together with you, we will prioritise each individual area of change.

Digital technologies

We bring together a number of top centres in the Liberec and Hradec Králové regions that successfully offer their digital technologies to customers in the Czech Republic and abroad. We will put you in touch with them, recommend the best road towards a solution, and provide a range of additional services, such as Platinn consulting or grant management in the field of support for digitisation.

At the end of a digital audit, you will have a clear idea of how to digitise your business or organisation, a sort of guide. This guide includes procedures that make the company or organisation more efficient so as not to hurt it, but help it.

We will give you access to the advanced knowledge and skills of research institutes, universities, and other members of the DIH consortium. With us you will have access to an assortment of other advanced technologies from our partner EDIHs in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe.

  • We offer consultation, testing and proof-of-concept in the field of robotics, and in particular unique know-how in the areas of sensitive and collaborative robots.
  • We offer consultation in the field of data analytics, modelling, and simulation. Moreover, the processing of any volume of structured or unstructured data using statistical methods, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. We offer cutting-edge know-how in measuring and analysing data when you need to compare a virtual model and a real product.
  • We offer consultation and the analytics and design of desktop systems and mobile applications based on modern trends and technologies, including virtual reality and communication with sensors and other devices (IoT). Plus interactive data visualisation, the application of computer graphics methods using GPU, and the application of real-time agent simulations. We offer advice in the sphere of e-business and e-commerce.
  •  We offer consultation at all stages of implementing and testing IoT and Smart technology solutions and consultation on advanced IoT sensor technology. We also prepare our own design and implementation of IoT and Smart solutions. We offer advice in the areas of cyber security, security audit, and penetration testing.
  • We provide analyses of electronic devices, risk analysis, reliability prediction, and EMC electronics testing. We provide consultation in the field of electromobility, battery power supply, and alternative energy sources.
  • We offer consultation, testing and proof-of-concept in the field of industrial applications of voice and image recognition by artificial intelligence. Moreover, advice on neural networks and machine vision and learning in general.
  • We offer unique know-how in the field of mixed reality, focusing on consultation and proof-of-concept. We provide consultation on Microsoft HoloLens devices.
  • We provide consultation in the field of 3D printing and 3D scanning from the perspective of materials, the optimisation of model construction, and the properties of final products. We offer services in the digitisation of artefacts and subsequent work with them – what is known as reverse engineering.
  • We offer advanced knowledge and skills in relation to nanomaterials and the industrial production of nanofibres, a global technology that has its origins with one of the members of our consortium (TUL). Nano-solutions are used mainly in product innovations in the spheres of environmental technology, pharmacy, and so on.

Knowing what you want and what it should bring you is the starting point of the process of change.

Knowing how to gather information, understand it, evaluate it, and use it to take decisions is absolutely crucial in this day and age. It is not for nothing that our age is referred to as the Information Age.

Communicating change is absolutely essential. Otherwise, processes will run the old way offline and the new way online. Information will circulate on paper and in data format.

Future users of new technologies are an integral part of change. Change must be designed so that those users are able to adopt it, take it as their own.

Being open to collaboration from outside pays off. There are more ideas in two heads than in one. Our experts are at your disposal.

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