Are you ready for your company or organisation to evolve? Do you have some ideas and are you looking for where to start or plan specific digital projects? Do you want to use public sources of funding to help finance your innovation activities? We will find the right programmes for you and help you submit your project.

Emphasis on effectiveness and the ability to adapt to change are currently key aspects in maintaining the competitiveness of companies and the service level of public organisations. Digitisation, however, is a costly matter. Cutting-edge digital technologies are often beyond the reach of small and medium-sized businesses, so we help companies, organisations, and individuals find grant programmes and submit digitisation projects at regional, national, and European level.

We will evaluate your situation and, based on experience, recommend the most suitable public sources of funding with regard to your focus and qualification.

We will guide you through the process of preparing to obtain a grant. We will work with you on preparing all documents and help you submit the project.

Calls are often announced at regular intervals. If you are unsuccessful first time out, you can submit an application at the next opportunity.

Don’t be afraid of grants! Grant programmes have helped set up a great many interesting projects. Applications for grant resources have their own structure and logic and we will help you find your way around them. We will ask first, and then listen. Together we will prepare a project that will move you forward in the field of digitisation!

Time is of the essence! If you have ideas and are looking for where to start or plan specific digital projects, you should deal with your sources of funding as early as possible. A good understanding of the project is needed to prepare a quality grant application, and a lot of information needs to be provided. Intensive communication between the applicant and ARR is absolutely essential – grant programmes have deadlines that will not wait.

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