Do you want to innovate, but don’t know who to turn to? Or, on the contrary, are you already innovating and want to offer your services? Join us – we build links between the various players in the innovation ecosystem in our region and help create an environment of mutually-beneficial collaboration.

We act as an active intermediary in connecting companies and public organisations that need new technological solutions to companies that already have modern solutions ready for application in practice. We advocate the smooth transfer of technology from the environment of academic and commercial research institutes into practice.

We regularly carry out surveys, mapping, and analyses of the innovation ecosystem. We collaborate with public administration, industrial clusters, associations of small and medium-sized enterprises, incubators, accelerators, EEN, and so on.

We organise expert platforms and arrange networking and matchmaking events, as a result of which we establish direct cooperation with clients and other hubs and bring them together.

We focus on digitisation at companies and in public administration. We invite in experts from the region and from all over the Czech Republic, academics, and people from commerce. We organise events offline and, if necessary, online, the aim of all this being to move the individual stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem in the region forward.

We help find synergies, we bring the knowledge and skills of experts from all over the Czech Republic to the region. We connect companies, public administration, and research organisations in a targeted way or at events organised for this purpose. Through these activities we support the practical development of digital technologies in the region.

We provide information about happenings in the field of digitising companies and public administration. We emphasise the need for digitisation to maintain competitiveness and service levels in the region. We organise events for the public at which we publicise the activities of the stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem in the Liberec region, and arrange education events for companies, public administration, and individuals.

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