Dřevoplast Ludvík s.r.o

Digitisation privat organisations – Liberec region

Main idea – what the company needed   

• Inventory optimization using AI
• Demand prediction based on historical sales
• Safety stock and reordering points optimization
• Risk assessment – AI is able to analyze potential supply chain disruptions
• Lead time optimization for good and services (reducing risk of stockout/excess inventory)   


• Detailedwork with data – collection, cleaning, feature engineering
• Model training and scoring
• Hyperparameter tuning
• Used approaches: regression analysis, time-series analysis, decision trees, clustering, artificial neural networks, …
• Provided transparent user interface

Results – what the company gained

• Lower raw material stock
• Faster product deliveries
• Optimized reordering = improved cash flow
• Easier to avoid supplier chain disruption
• More efficient use of staff = time saving
• Potential for more AI use cases (for example next innovation voucher)

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