Visit of Univerzity of Hradec Králové and Centre for Investment, Development and Innovation

19.-20.10. 2023 we visited Hradec Králové region and as a part of our internal “Technology tour” we met representatives of our partners – the Univerzity of Hradec Králové and the Centre for Investment, Development and Innovation who introduced us news in all their EDIH NEB services in more detail.  

There are 3 faculties at the University of Hradec Králové involved in our project: Natural Science, Informatics and Management and Philosophical faculty. News in complex sensoric and smart solutions (IoT, IIoT, AI, machine learning), automation, data processing and successful case studies of these technologies applied in different fields introduced us Mr. Richard Cimler, director of the Centre of Advanced Technologies at the Faculty of Natural Science.  

Mrs. Kamila Štekerová presented us news and experiences with models and simulations of complex systems, Mr. Jiří Haviger a Mr. Filip Malý showed us analysis and visualisation of big data, Mrs. Tereza Otčenášková on behalf of Mr. Michal Dobrovolný guided us through the topic of artificial intelligence, Mr. Josef Horálek and Mr. Vladimír Soběslav presented us services of the cyber security at the Faculty of Informatics and Management. 

News in the Centre for Investment, Development and Innovation and their EDIH NEB services (networking, trainings and events, matchmaking, grant management etc.) were presented to us by Mrs. Vendula Hájková, Mr. Jan Hýbl, Mrs. Emília Vetráková and Mrs. Daniela Antropiusová.    

At the Philosophical faculty of the University of Hradec Králové we visited the Centre of Field Archeology where Mr. Ladislav Rytíř, Mr. Richard Thér, Mr. Petr Hejhal and Mrs. Tereza Holbová showed us practical examples of computing topography (CT and RTG), magnetometry and 3D scaner for an advanced archeology digitisation. 

The whole visit was very well organised by Mrs. Veronika Pourová, Mrs. Tereza Otčenášková, Mr. Michal Svoboda and Mr. Martin Sedláček from the University of Hradec Králové. We thank them a lot and look forward to our cooperation with all partners from the Hradec Králové region. EDIH NEB clients can look forward to all their great services! 🙂

More photos from our visit can be found here.  

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