Partnership and participation of the EDIH NEB team at the EDIH Twister Czechia + Saxony event

21.9. 2023 Our EDIH NEB team – Zdeňka Doležalová, Jiří Vojtěch, Zdeněk Nahodil and Zdeněk Runštuk for the Regional development agency, Veronika Pourová and Michal Svoboda for the Univerzity of Hradec Králové and  Lenka Hanušová for the TUL CXI participated the EDIH Twister Czechia + Saxony held in the Innovation Centre of the Ústí Region premises.

The event was organized by Tereza Šamanová (CzechInno, z.s.p.o. and Cybersecurity Innovation Hub – EDIH CIH), Tomáš Pitner participated for the EDIH CIH too, Technology Center Prague and Enterprise Europe Network CZ was represented by Petr Hladík, EDIH ČVUT by David Pešek and the home Innovation Centre of the Ústí Region was introduced by Jan Wedlich, Petr Achs and Tomáš Siviček.

The German EDIHs were represented by Sebastian Wenz (EDIH Saxony – Leipzig), Carsten Heintze and Katharina Quecke-Metzner (EDIH pro_digital – Wildau), Maximilian Wunsch (EDIH BMH – Weimar) and Marina Henniger for the Enterprise Europe Network.

We thank the organisers for the opportunity to meet other two Czech and three German EDIHs. Sharing of contacts, experience and discussion about future cross-boarder cooperation possibilities were very valuable.  

More about the event:

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