EDIH – European Digital Innovation HUB

What is EDIH Northeast?

EDIH Northeast is a European Digital Innovation Hub serving the Liberec and Hradec Králové regions, supporting SMEs and public administrations in adopting digital technologies.

What services does EDIH Northeast offer?

EDIH Northeast provides services including testing digital technologies, digital education, innovation development, and grant management.

Who can benefit from EDIH Northeast's services?

SMEs (companies with up to 499 employees), public organizations, startups, and research institutes can benefit from the services offered by EDIH Northeast.

What is the vision of EDIH Northeast?

The vision is to attract top research centers, offer a wide range of services, connect and educate stakeholders, and build on real foundations.

Who are the consortium members of EDIH Northeast?

The consortium includes:

  • Regional Development Agency (ARR)
  • Technical University in Liberec
  • VÚTS, a.s.
  • Centre for Investment, Development and Innovation (CIRI)
  • University of Hradec Králové
  • Aricoma
  • National Cluster Association

What is the Digital Ambulance service?

The Digital Ambulance offers free consultations to help SMEs and public administrations address their digitalization challenges and find appropriate solutions.

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