Conference AI to schools Železný Brod

On May 13, 2024, the last training for principals and teachers of primary and secondary schools on AI for schools took place at the Secondary School of Arts and Crafts in Železný Brod. Here too, through EDIH Northeast Bohemia, we were able to provide everyone with theoretical and practical knowledge and information on how they can implement artificial intelligence in the teaching of humanities and technical subjects and how it can help them in schools. 🙂

Mr. Václav Maněna, Mr. Pavel Kopřiva and Mr. Jan Berki spoke at the event again. Our project was presented by Marek Pšenička and Michaela Jakubičková. Right after the event, the participants visited the local glassworks and workshops, see photos on LinkedIn.

One of the pillars of our project’s services is the digital academy. We organize educational events thematically focused on digital skills from basic to advanced ones. Follow us and register for our events.😉

The events are organised by the project team of EDIH Northeast Bohemia, ARR – Regional Development Agency, the National Recovery Plan and the European Commission.

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